CLIPS: Ed Cooper of Total Wine discusses the modern package store with Commonwealth Magazine

Ed Cooper, Vice President of Public Affairs at Total Wine & More sat down with the folks at Commonwealth Magazine to discuss how the major alcohol retailer is modernizing the package store business.

"Since the end of Prohibition in 1933, the alcohol industry has been regulated by states, some with a heavy hand, others with a light touch. Over the years, as social mores and consumer demands changed, so have some of the laws. Massachusetts, where Blue Laws ruled and buying booze on a Sunday is a 21st century idea, has been slow to uncork some of the stringent regulations that were designed to limit consumption and, in the process, limit competition.

Those rules, though, are being challenged by national chain Total Wine & Spirit, a newcomer to the state’s retail liquor industry with four stores open already and plans to open more. The big booze box store is looking to upend the state’s way of doing business in buying and selling alcohol much the same way Uber disrupted the taxi industry and Amazon is changing the way people shop.

'We’re advocates for the customer,' said Ed Cooper, vice president of public affairs for Total Wine, who joined The Codcast to talk about the company’s intent to overturn the state’s “arcane and archaic” liquor laws. “When retailers compete, the customers win… We’d like to make it more convenient for customers to benefit from price competition.”

You can listen to the full episode of "The Codcast" here.