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CLIPS: House Loosens Restrictions on Pub Brewers.

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, NOV. 6, 2017 -- House lawmakers are giving pub brewers in Massachusetts a reason to raise their glass.

A bill the House passed last Wednesday would let pub brewers sell bottles for off-premises consumption on Sundays and holidays, a status already enjoyed by brewers who grow their own hops and grain.

Framingham Rep. Chris Walsh, who has two pub breweries in his hometown, filed the legislation.

"Breweries have become a really big deal in Massachusetts -- and other places, but in Massachusetts, they have become sort of a center of tourism," Walsh said. "And the people who go to breweries, test out brews and whatnot, are people who travel really quite some distances. If I go down to Jack's Abbey or Exhibit A and look at the cars in the parking lot, the license plates are from New York and Rhode Island and Vermont and New Hampshire and Maine. It's become sort of a manufacturing business that really does bring a lot of activity into the area. I think we need to sort of get behind them and make sure we're doing everything we can to allow them to be successful, and I think this is a good start."

Read more on the State House News Service website.


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