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Many of Massachusetts laws and regulations on alcoholic beverages are outdated, illogical, or designed to protect established players rather than consumers. These rules - many of which date back to Prohibition - interfere with a free and competitive market for alcoholic beverages, limiting choices and raising prices for the average consumer. With the Commonwealth taking a long-overdue look at modernizing these archaic laws, MA Consumers First is standing up for consumers and retailers who share a common goal: create an even playing field for all sellers of wine, beer and spirits, encouraging retailers to compete for customers’ business on price, selection and service- not by outlawing competition and innovation.


Did you know that retailers in Massachusetts, by law, cannot pass along the savings they receive from wholesalers for bulk purchases to consumers? Are you aware that Massachusetts is one of the few states where liquor stores cannot offer loyalty rewards to their customers? Have you ever wondered why stores’ hours of operation are curtailed on Sundays? These issues and more are rooted in Prohibition-era fearmongering about alcohol consumption, or were sought by incumbent retailers hoping to keep out the competition. We think it’s time for a change.


Total Wine & More, a national wine, beer, and spirits retailer, is a leader within MA Consumers First, but there are many other individuals who share our goals and are joining this fight. Whether you’re a retailer, a consumer advocate, or just a regular citizen looking for a wide selection at a good price, we hope you will join us as well. Please reach out and sign up for our email list- we’ll be keeping our members posted regularly as to what’s going on over the coming months.


Learn more about why we're fighting this fight here.

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